We’re here to change the wig game.

No more cheap synthetics, and no more can’t-afford-it customs. 

MANE is all about creating luxurious, ethical, and on-trend hair.

Designed in Australia with free shipping and returns worldwide, baby. 


#MANEGIRLS on the gram.



Each MANE is hand-stitched, strand by strand, into silky Swiss lace.

We only use the finest 100% raw and real hair. Each strand is sourced ethically. Always.

Our fine Swiss lace ensures your MANE will blend seamlessly, and feel luxuriously soft.

We make application simple with an adjustable strap and combs in all the right places.

Once she’s on, you're ready to turn heads and break hearts. Not necessarily in that order.

And if for any reason at all you're not completely head over heels with your MANE, we make returns easy.

With free shipping and returns, the wig game just changed. 

Step One

Choose your MANE

Select your MANE from our range. You might not know it yet, but you're about to become best friends.


Fit your cap

Each MANE comes with a complimentary cap and comb. Fit your cap over your slicked back hair. Don't worry, you'll still look chic.


Fit your MANE

Get ready for your MANE flick moment. Fit the MANE to your natural hairline, adjusting the strap and combs for extra hold.

Step four

Cut your lace

Snip, snip. Carefully cut the lace along your MANE hairline, aligning it with your natural locks. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you can touch it up later.  

step five

Style your MANE

It's playtime. You and your MANE are about to start a lifelong relationship. It might be love at first sight, but if not, don't fret. Get to know her, get creative, or even take her into your trusted salon. She'll be your hairdresser's new favourite client. 

Step six

It's showtime baby!

You're ready to make your debut as a #MANEGIRL. Everyone's waiting to meet you. And when you're done with all the extra attention, simply take off your MANE until you're ready to triple those double takes again.